A Cross European Project to develop a model of support for transitions from pre-school to primary school with parental involvement (PSPS)

This project seeks to explore parents’ awareness and experiences of support available to them and their children during the transition from pre-school to primary school, with a particular focus on parents of children living in disadvantaged and/or vulnerable circumstances.

The primary aim is to develop a support programme for parents to support their children during this transition and delivered by practitioners. Evidence shows that poor transitions affect children throughout their education and can have negative impacts on a person’s long-term outcomes. Research shows that the approaches taken by pre-schools and primary schools range and differ significantly.

This project seeks to improve transitions by enhancing awareness and skills of practitioners to enable parents to support children during this stage, and to do this in a pan European context. Its objectives include:

  • to complete a literature review and scoping exercise on evidence and best practice in supporting children’s transition from early years services to school including universal provision and targeted initiatives for the four participating countries. This includes identifying the policy, professional development and practice context in relation to supporting transitions in each participating country.
  • through consultation (surveys and focus groups) identify parental needs and how practitioners can most effectively provide them with information and support.
  • to develop resources which are accessible and relevant for both universal and targeted services.
  • to develop a pilot `Train the Trainer`programme for teachers and early years practitioners to enable them to better support parents in managing children’s transition to primary school.
  • review the results of the pilot to consider feedback of practitioners.
  • produce high quality training materials and online resources that are relevant, accurate and easily accessible.

This Erasmus+ project involves four partners from four countries, starts from September 2020 and has a duration of 36 months. EPA´s involvement includes being the Lead for Output 01D and hosting a Multiplier Event in Spain.