Family Skills

The aim of this Erasmus+ project is to improve the level of key competences of adults, in particular parents and new parents that intend to develop and improve their social-relational competences. In order to achieve a process of self-learning, the project will realise different tools for adults aimed at self-assessment of their own competences, and to identify skills, experiences and areas where to give more attention. 

Its specific objectives include:

  • promoting adult education and increasing demand and participation in parenting skills development,
  • providing specific capacity-building and training action aimed at public and private operators called to organize, manage training courses and to raise parents’ orientation and motivation to participate,
  • improving learning tools by reprogramming and revising the provision of training for parents and educators, providing innovative solutions also thanks to digital technologies,
  • promoting social inclusion and the creation of social bonds, encouraging the meeting between adults (parents and educators) of different social and cultural affiliation, and a cross-sectoral intervention as parental education is a topic that concerns different sectors (health, social, education, etc).

The project has a duration of 32 months from September 2020 and involves six partners from five countries. EPA´s contribution includes organising the final project meeting in Brussels and disseminating the project´s outcomes in its two annual GAs.

The website for this project can be found HERE and its Facebook page is @FamilySkillsEU.