Festival of the Child

You are invited to join an immersive, experiential adventure and online education summit, for a global community of courageous, creative and curious parents and educators, willing to step into the unknown fire of these difficult and intense times and re-imagine education from the grassroots up.

Over the course of a few days we’ll be engaging in powerful and transformative conversations with educators, authors and each other as we learn by doing, exploring some of the many ways we can shift culture, raise consciousness and co-create a world that works for the many not just the few.

It is an invitation for you to connect deeply in a time of isolation, listen to gems of wisdom, experience light-bulb moments and have meaningful conversations with others sharing similar values. At a time when childhood and parenting are under increasing and intensifying threat, Festival of the Child is a bridge to a new world of hope and possibility as we build a powerful circle of protection around our children.

Through the strength of our vision, the depths of our love and our ability to unite and take inspired action as a community, we are creating a new narrative for our children’s future, together.

If you also long to dream a brighter future awake for future generations and heal the village it takes to raise our children, come join us.

Register for this free event using this link.

A detailed schedule can de found here.

The event is finished.

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