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Education for Climate Coalition: Community Workshops

At the end of June 2021, the Education for Climate Coalition organised its first community gathering online, which was an important milestone for concluding the community design phase.

So far, the Coalition has co-created what it wants to achieve together as the #EducationForClimate community. It now has a clear view on the objectives and longterm goals of that community, but also on how it would like to reach these objectives through participatory challenges.

You can rewatch the launching of the Coalition, look at the visual synthesis or re-cap the design journey here.

The future community hub  the tool enabling the community  needs to be accessible, simple and interlinked, and the Coalition is currently busy making this a reality. But it needs your input to design this collaborative online platform that will be ready by the end of October 2021.

You can make a difference for the community by participating in the upcoming workshops to help fine-tune the community and what has been achieved so far.  From July to October, there are two workshops by theme, of 90 minutes each, to cover what needs to be refined. The Coalition is counting on equal participation of pupils, teachers and stakeholders. 

You can register to up to three of the nine thematic groups through this form.

An overview of the different thematic workshops schedule can be found here.

Let’s connect in the community’s PEER AREA that has been created in theCoalition’s Teams space. This will give you the possibility to share your challenges and exchange experiences as well as to co-create a peer calendar of shared events related to education for climate. 

The event is finished.

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