The ELPIDA (E‐Learning Platform for Intellectual Disability Awareness) project is an Erasmus+ funded project which took place from 2017 to 2019.  It aims to improve the quality of life of persons with intellectual disabilities (ID) by empowering family members, particularly parents of PWID, and providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills on how better to support the needs of children of all ages with ID.

Through this project, six organizations from five European countries came together to produce an e-learning platform for parents with children with intellectual disability. The e-platform contains six modules, available in seven langauges, aiming at providing training, awareness raising and/or attitude change and they cover areas such as early intervention, improving communication, abuse awareness, stress management, transition to adulthood, sexuality, ageing etc. The platform is free and parents from several European countries will be informed about it in group meetings, taught how to use it and invited to complete the module(s) of their interest.

More information about this project, Winner of the Zero Award 2020, can be found on its webpage here.