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2GETHERLAND Online between 20-24 July

Our good partner, The Learning for Well-being Foundation, invites us to take part in its major event – 2GETHERLAND Online between 20-24 July

Dear friends,

Are you parents who wish to face the world with your children, rather than for your children?  No doubt you have many related stories and experiences arising out of your day-to-day work.  These deserve to be shared more widely and we will be more than happy to provide a strong platform during 2GETHERLAND Online between 20-24 July.  More below!

We gladly offer the required guidance for a successful online contribution, as explained below.  Our director of programme and learning, Luis Pinto has shared the following guidelines and he is very ready to work closely with you on this (contact <luis@learningforwellbeing.org>), as part of our initiative ACT2gether.

Based on a survey that addressed various age groups, we identified  topics that matter for children and adults in this moment.  (Through a link you will find a short and informal summary of the responses about the topics that matter for children and adults: Please follow the link.)  Together with our adult and child volunteers, we decided to move 2GETHERLAND Global (supposed to take place in the Netherlands from 20-24 July) to an ongoing online campaign called “2GETHERLAND Online” which will culminate in the same dates.

The campaign is already online on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  It is made of 4 actions that build on one another: Acts of Kindness, Stories of Connection, Conversations for all Ages, and Learning 2gether (Workshops). You can see the explanation of each, with examples, in the attached presentation – click for the link .  At this point, people can get involved in the campaign by:

  • Allowing us to share their story of practice (video, or short text)
  • Attending or organising an intergenerational conversation online
  • Holding a learning session, pre-recorded or live – in July 20-24


We would love to have your contribution for Workshops

We are keeping the same dates in July (20-24) to launch a series of workshops that “teach” children and adults skills and tools that help them work as partners.
We were wondering if you would be willing to host one of such workshops, maybe converting what you were imagining to an online format. Would you take that challenge?

You could choose between 4 formats:

  • Live session (max. 90min), can’t be recorded
  • Recorded tutorial (max. 60min)
  • Recorded interview (max. 45min)
  • Flash inspiration (max. 5min) – small tips or guidelines

We could help you with:

  • Guidance on how to set up the session online
  • Technical help with recording and editing video, preparing materials
  • Facilitation on the moment of the session (live or recorded)

Preferably the session would be for children AND adults, but you get to choose the minimum age it is suitable for.

We now leave you with this invitation to consider.  If you are even somewhat curious, Luis will respond in a manner that will highlight possibilities without any pressure on you!

Our good wishes as always, and at the present moment for your health and for those who are dear to you,

— Learning for Well-being Foundation.

The event is finished.